Keeping up with a blog while living off grid has proven a touch tricky! When the sun isn’t shining I cannot use the laptop as it will completely drain our little solar battery set up. When the sun is shining, however, I tend to be outside living in it rather than sitting here at my writing desk. Today is one of those terribly Irish days that is somehow simultaneously bright and wet. Back home in California I had been accustomed to one weather setting- blue skies, no wind, and glorious golden sunshine.

An entire paragraph about the weather must mean that I am truly becoming a local. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a conversation with an Irish person that didn’t touch on that topic at some point or other.

Right, I came to update my friends and followers on the farm goings on. We finally erected our polytunnel and the chickens are currently in there doing the clearing work for us. Simon started clearing one of the abandoned allotments for our use as well. I’ll fill it with pumpkins!
The ploughing and sowing are finished- I have barely seen my husband this past month, so I’m pleased that we’re finally past that stage. Now he’ll be gone working silage for other local farmers, but at least I get him at meal times!

I haven’t taken any photos lately, bar those on my instagram. I promise I’ll get better at this whole blogging thing- I am aiming to post once a week, but sure, we’ll see how it goes. Now to go catch up on all the blogs I’ve missed!


One thought on “Lately

  1. Ah sure when the sun is out I’m in it, too! Already the office gals are exclaiming over my ‘lovely colour’. I just say I’m not that Irish so I can actually get a tan. Good luck with the pumpkins – I never had a tunnel but any gourd I try gets blossom end rot and powdery mildew. Aargh!

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