A bright morning

Today is a happy Thursday filled with sunshine and birdsong. The morning frost has melted into glimmering dew, glittering like glass in the grasses of our little field. Already the allotmenteers are out there shoveling muck, pulling weeds, and gossiping happily amongst themselves. Spring has finally arrived here in Eire, but I am not outdoors to greet her. Instead I am here pitter pattering away at my desk, hoping to find clarity or closure or something in these words I type. 

I suppose I ought to introduce myself. Hello. I am a reluctant expat who, several years ago, met an Irish farmer, fell in love, and immigrated to this gorgeous albeit damp island. Ah what simplicity that sentence evokes and how utterly complicated the reality of it has been. Emigration is difficult for anyone who attempts it and I was no exception, as proven by my weekly therapy sessions. It was in my latest session that I was urged by my therapist to come back to blogging and begin to express myself again. I had been an avid blogger for several years before being bullied, stalked, and thus intimidated into silence by certain individuals who would’ve preferred that I never arrived on this island. Well, I am here and here I intend to stay, so to blogging I have returned and hopefully those people won’t find me again.

What I intend to share in this space is my unfolding life as an expat on an Irish tillage farm that is slowly changing from conventional farming practices to a more holistic approach to land stewardship. Currently I live with my husband in a 16 foot yurt beside a hedgerow surrounded by organic and permaculture gardens, a newly planted food forest, and several allotments. Our life is an experiment in alternative living which is fulfilling on a spiritual level, but sometimes quite frustrating on a practical level. We were both raised in conventional western households with hot water on demand and refrigerators (among so many other all too often taken for granted luxuries), so we’re still struggling to learn and adapt to our ideals.

Our ever growing family thus far consists of myself, my husband Simon, our pup Loki, Kenobi the cat, and four laying hens called Betty, Veronica, Midge, and Ethel. Welcome to my world!



4 thoughts on “A bright morning

  1. Hi there!

    I’m so happy to come across your blog.

    My partner and I have been talking about simplifying our lives and we’re looking to emigrate out of Ireland to a warmer climate in the coming years. In a coincidence I’ve just started reading Henry David Thoreau’s ‘Walden’ Have you read it?

    Looking forward to hearing about your journey!

    All the best,



    1. Thanks! Where in Ireland are you? I’m still fairly new here, so I’m still getting the lay of the land! Where would you want to go? I love ‘Walden’! Might not surprise you to know that it was one of the most personally influential pieces of literature I’ve ever read. 🙂


      1. You’re right it doesn’t 🙂 I’m beginning to see it too. I’m in Dublin, which I have a love-hate relationship with. We’re looking at Liguria in Italy, a simple cottage and lifestyle so we only have to do a Thoreau on it and work when we need. Wishing you well with your project and looking forward to hearing about it!


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